Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Early Thanksgiving with Mom's Vegan Stuffing

So, my family had our Thanksgiving early this year, on Sunday. I woke up the day before with an awful head cold and so was confined to the couch for most of our Thanksgiving day. I was excited to make a few vegan dishes for my family to try and pretend they love, but I was just too sick. So I was super excited when my mom dragged me off the couch and to the corner of the kitchen and opened a casserole dish full of a delicious vegan surprise. She had combined quinoa, lentils, sweet brown rice, green beans, mushrooms, cranberries and poultry seasoning, covered the grains with water and baked it in the oven. It was sooo yummy and Thanksgiving-y too!

I know it was super easy to make because I'm pretty sure it was an after-thought (haha), but if I were to re-create it, I would have definitely added more green. I've been living off of the leftovers all throughout the week and made a great lunch from it yesterday! I used full leafy kale leaves (cleaned & stems removed) and steamed them in my Pampered Chef veggie steamer. Then I took a couple of spoon-fuls of Mom's stuffing, a slice of tomato, and rolled 'em up into great little power-bites! Quinoa, lentils and brown rice are all packed with protein :)

And in response to Danielle's post, here is a link to help further motivate you to fight against your holiday temptations...
Dr. Fuhrman's Holiday Challenge

And if you haven't already, read his book, Eat to won't be sorry!

Happiness, health & sparkly things,

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