Friday, January 7, 2011

Love is Pie

As the initial intention behind starting this whole venture was to try new recipes together (but apart), share them, and talk about them with pics in order to stay in touch, I figured, why not start next weekend? This recipe for Blackberry pie called out to me as a perfect, sweet place to start! (And a way to make instant friends when we share our product.)
I'm going home next weekend to see my sister one more time before she goes back to school, so I'll have the convenience of my mom's kitchen and staple baking ingredients. :) What do you say, Bails? Will you be able to go grocery shopping and have time to do this next weekend? If not, no problem, we can start once you get more settled!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bailey Update

Well, i am still without full internet access (I'm blogging from my phone). I should be fully moved in to my new apartment by the weekend, my roommate arrives this Sunday, and then hopefully soon after we will get our internet set up. The job search here is proving to be difficult since I dont know where anything is! At least I have a few more weeks to search. I cant wait to post pics and start cooking in my apartment! One quick & easy meal I've been enjoying lately is oatmeal with frozen sweet pea thrown in and then sprinkled with black pepper. I never thought of having oats this way until I saw loaded oats over at Oh She Glows. Anywho, I'm headed back to Bowling Green this afternoon and the forecast predicts snow!!! Warm snuggles & snuggies, Bailey

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Berry Calm Beginning

Today is my first day of classes for my last semester as a junior in college! I opted out of Monday OR Friday classes, which is unbelievably exciting, but to compromise I start Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. I wanted to make sure I wasn't too frazzled this morning- (since it takes me a while to wake up when it's cold)- so I got up at 6. (Actually, my third eye woke me up lol) I lit a candle and did some deep meditation breaths with my yoga DVD, and then I leisurely got dressed (after killing a bug on my bathroom sink- one of the many joys of being back in my apartment) and started on breakfast. Knowing I won't be done with this LONG school day till about 4, I wanted a "big girl" breakfast. I made creamy oatmeal with vanilla chai soymilk with fresh blackberries in it (the sweetest, most flavorful ones I've ever had) and an orange. I am full and focused and ready to kick today's butt!