Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Farewell Feast

So, the time we knew was coming has at last crept up on us, and Bailey has to get on movin'! We sent her off with the grandest and vegan-est of all feasts and a whole lot of love! We were lucky enough to have the festivities documented by the most wonderful professional photographer in town, Vicki Palombo from Photographic Memories. ( and This is what was on the menu for our vegtastic extravaganza:
  • Nori Rolls with Sweet Potato, Tempeh, and Avocado and Sweet Brown Rice
  • Lentil-Walnut Pate with Garlic-Herb Crostini
  • Marinated Portabello and Eggplant Napoleons with Cashew Cream and Pesto
  • 3-Spice Potatoes
  • Apple-Cider and Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts with Pecans
  • Kale Salad with Roasted Daikon and Sweet Miso Dressing
  • Pumpkin Crumb Cake with Pecan Streusal Topping
We went to Whole Foods in the morning and started cooking around 3. We served it around 7 and the sore feet and chaos paid off! The recipes came from 3 different vegan cookbooks as well as the magic of creativity and improvisation. All these recipes will be up under the recipe section soon.

Enjoy these snapshots! Bailey, I love making memories with you! And remember to chronicle your new (slightly colder) adventures! Love you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vegtastic Luck

The Chrismaka spirit has brought me some good luck! Look what I won in this past week's giveaway from!

I'm so excited for my organic treats! These vegan blogs are always giving away goodies, so remember to enter whenever you can, and you just might be surprised with something delicious!

P.S. I don't usually win things, so this made my week. I literally screamed and jumped up and down in my kitchen.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good news and bad news...

Good first:
I just discovered that Publix sells vegan ice cream.

Bad news:
Publix sells vegan ice cream!

Will power= not buying it every week.