Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blondies and The Fort

Greetings! I'm just gonna skip the whole "sorry I haven't posted in so long" monologue and jump right in. My cousin/ roommate Sara and I just baked some Snickerdoodle Blondies. We mostly followed the recipe, but we substituted coconut butter (shredded unsweetened coconut blended to a buttery consistency) for the nut butter. They're cooling right this second, but from what we can tell they're pretty tasty. Except Sara thinks they're not very sweet, which reminds me: we also substituted 3 and a half packets of Truvia for the sugar. The half packet is not because we're weird and rigid. We would have added 4, but I used half a packet earlier in my coffee.

Before they entered Ovenland

Aaand upon their return from Ovenland (Sara snuck a nibble).

Overall I would say these are a win. They have the dense and hearty texture of a good homemade baked good, but they don't provide the sugar high and overall feeling of lethargy that usually follows.

Now a little non-food update. Probably the coolest thing to "write home about" is The Fort. We built The Fort shortly after living in our apartment (named Neverland...just so every time we head home we get to yell "Off to Neverland!") Anyways, it's made of hand-me-down fabric, the skeletons of a couple cots, the cardboard box my bike came in (Thanks Mom!) and looots o' love! 

The Entrance tunnel

The Entrance again (from within The Fort)

The Ceiling

Sara's artwork to fill up an unwanted gap

Me (left) and Sara (right, obvi!) riding down Electric Feel in our canoe.
Our ex-pet Josh Mouser...hope you're happy wherever you are, little guy!

The Fort. Notice the family portrait by Sara on the mantle. We are riding Falcor from The Neverending Story. Oh! and to the right of that portrait is the picture of all of us from my Farewell Dinner party. :)

Welp, that's it for me! 
Happiness and peaceful thoughts,

P.S. I miss you Dan! And love you to Neverland and back!

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  1. Bails,
    I want to crawl into your fort with you and talk for hours! I love you and miss you to pieces!