Thursday, May 3, 2012

Talia's Spaghetti and Un-Meatballs

This was the beginning of my culinary (and life) adventure in Cleveland. I made this meal from a recipe from Eat to Live. I chose it because my 12-year-old cousin's name is Talia, and she was eager to whip something up with me. Turns out Dr. Fuhrman's daughter's name is Talia as well, and this recipe was named for her. So, what better way to start our cooking and bonding time than with "Talia's Spaghetti and Un-Meatballs"? This was a perfect recipe to make with my little cuz, since it requires kneading and molding the ooey-gooey mixture- which Talia said felt like wet clay- with one's hands into balls. We also made a simple homemade sauce in the Vitamix (I am going to be so spoiled living here!) out of homemade dehydrated tomatoes, lots of fresh garlic, 2 cans of organic tomatoes, some vegetable juice, and a little olive oil. We topped it off with some gorgeous fresh basil from the garden.

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