Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Berry Calm Beginning

Today is my first day of classes for my last semester as a junior in college! I opted out of Monday OR Friday classes, which is unbelievably exciting, but to compromise I start Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. I wanted to make sure I wasn't too frazzled this morning- (since it takes me a while to wake up when it's cold)- so I got up at 6. (Actually, my third eye woke me up lol) I lit a candle and did some deep meditation breaths with my yoga DVD, and then I leisurely got dressed (after killing a bug on my bathroom sink- one of the many joys of being back in my apartment) and started on breakfast. Knowing I won't be done with this LONG school day till about 4, I wanted a "big girl" breakfast. I made creamy oatmeal with vanilla chai soymilk with fresh blackberries in it (the sweetest, most flavorful ones I've ever had) and an orange. I am full and focused and ready to kick today's butt!

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